Settings aspect ratio of template/environment previews

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Aspect ratio of template and environment previews is not determined by the paper size. Instead, the aspect ratio is set manually by the software operator. You can do this following these steps:

  1. In the “Environments” or “Templates” mode, view the “Details” tab on the top right.
  2. Under the “Details” tab you can find the “Preview size” tab. In this tab, set a size corresponding with the aspect ratio you want to use for the previews (exact dimensions is not important, the ratio between them is).
  3. Click “Generate thumbnails with specified aspect ratio” and confirm.
  4. The software will generate previews in the specified aspect ratio. This action can take several minutes, depending on how many templates/environments there are in the software.

It is also possible to set custom aspect ratio for each template/environment. It can be set under the “Details” tab by checking “Custom thumbnail aspect ratio” and entering it in the fields below.

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