Problem: Screen goes black after switching between customer and operator screens

Published by Photobone on

We have registered that some computers encounter a problem that the screen goes black and starts to blink when switching between customer and operator screens, which is only resolved after restarting the application.

Solution: Update graphics card drivers directly from the manufacturer website.

The problem has been registered on machines with Intel processor without a dedicated graphics card. If this is your case, too, please visit the Intel website, enter your graphics card name into the search field and download and install appropriate graphics drivers. Using default Windows drivers may not be enough, it is necessary to download the drivers directly from Intel. Don’t forget to restart the computer after driver installation.

  • The model of your graphics card can be found for example in the Task Manager – press Ctrl+Shift+Escape, then press “More details” in the bottom left corner, swtich to the “Performance” tab, the card name will be written on the “GPU 0” card, it will be something like “Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620”.
  • You can alternatively determine your graphics card model in the Device Manager. Search for “Device Manager” in your start menu, launch it and expand the “Display adapters” item.