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This article describes utility and advanced functionality buttons that can be found on the customer screen.

Customer screen contains many buttons that are just white icons without description. These buttons allow operators to execute various advanced functions that are not meant to be operated by the customers. All these buttons can be enabled/hidden in Settings → Customer screen (advanced).

Advanced customer screen settings, where it’s possible to show/hide specific utility buttons

If not specified otherwise in the button description, the button can be found on the publishing screen.

Publishing screens, utility buttons are on the bottom center.

Button list

Change template. This button allows to change the template. It can be found on all screens after template selection. Changing the template discards all collages and creates new ones based on application settings and available photos.

Change environment [F]. This button allows to change the environment. It can be found on all screen after environment selection.

Keying/positioning adjustments [F]. This button opens a screen that allows to perform various adjustments of the selected photo: changing keying parameters, moving the photo around, quick image adjustments (sharpen, highlights, shadows), crop (can be very useful when the green screen does not cover the entire photo).

Adjustments can be applied on a single photo or on all photos in the current sessions. They can also be set as the new default for further sessions.

Hide logo. This button hides/shows logos on the collage, that is collage template layers that are marked as such (have “This is a logo” checked).

Grayscale [F]. This button activates/deactivates the “Grayscale” filter that is applied to the entire environment. If the environment does not have such filter, this button creates a temporary one with default settings that applies only for the selected photo.

Change photo [F]. This button allows to swap a selected photo for a different one that was taken during the current session. This is useful for collages that contain multiple photos.

Add colage. Opens photo selection and creates a new collage from selected photo that is then added to the session (already existing collages are kept). Can be useful for example when a customer wants the same photo twice but with a different background – you add a second collage using the Add collage button and then change the background for the second collage using Change environment.

Shoot more photos. Performs shooting of additional photos (how many is configurable in Settings → Shooting → Capture count when reshooting) that are then made available in the session.

Shoot again. Discards all photos in the session and shoots a new set. Environment and template selection is preserved.

Print and continue. This button sends all photos to print, same as Finish does, but does not end the session. Photos are sent for printing, print count selection is reset, but the software stays on the same screen and allows further photo selection, printing and adjustments. This can be useful for example when part of the customer group already decided what photos they want, but the rest is still arguing. Using this button, you can send for printing the photos for the already decided customers, so that they don’t have to wait for the rest of the group.

Transfer to a different customer screen. Transfers the session to a different customer screen (used when secondary customer screen is enabled). You can find more info about multiple customer screens here.

Photo/collage detail. This button enlarges the collage on full screen. It is possible to further enlarge the image using touch screen gestures. This button can be found on the photo selection screen. Zooming on the publishing screen can be done by simply pressing on the image preview.

Quick reprint. This button opens the operator screen on the History tab.

Random environment. This button selects a random environment from the list. It can be found on the environment selection screen.

Show help. This button shows a help screen with short description for each button.

Photo-related buttons [F]

A button being related to a photo (photo-related buttons are marked with [F] in this article) means that the button only affect a single photo. In photo selection screen, the button is shown under each photo and pressing it affects only that photo. On the publishing screen, the buttons affects only the currently selected collage. If the collage contains multiple photos, the operator is prompted to select a single photo from the collage.

Photo selection screen: Photo-related buttons are shown under each photo.
Publishing screen: A collage containing two photos was selected. The operator then clicked on the Change environment button. A selection prompt is displayed asking the operator to select which photo should the environment change apply to.
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